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ABC – Primer

For the collection of typefaces we showed in the exhibition in De Hallen Haarlem in 2009–2010 we wrote an ABC-Primer build with our 'design-principles'. In 2011 and 2012 we used this ABC-Primer for our Rainbow Series

A is for Awareness.
To not only see things as they are, but also to see them as we are.

B is for Beauty.
If the practical solution is not appealing, we know it’s wrong.

C is for Commitment.
Diving in with total devotion and enthusiasm.

D is for Detail.            
The elaboration of the final appearance.

E is for Enjoyment.        
Without it we can’t get genuine results.

F is for Form.            
That’s what it all comes down to.

G is for Growth.        
It makes us bigger.

H is for Honesty.        
What we hope our work exudes.

I is for Idiosyncrasy.       
It creates distinctive results.

J is for Justification.        
Means to an end.

K is for Kneading.       
Transforming the very first idea into a defined plan.

L is for Linguistics.        
Language and typography are inextricable.

M is for Moment.       
When content, context and aesthetics coalesce.

N is for Narrowing down.   
Getting to the core of things.

O is for Office supplies.        
Which is arousal for our minds.

P is for Puzzle.            
Where it all falls into place.

Q is for Quality.            
What we want.

R is for Renewing.        
Our quest.

S is for Satisfaction.        
A feeling we pursue.

T is for Translation.       
Where content finds its righteous form.

U is for Understanding.       
To achieve thorough comprehension.

V is for Variety.            
That’s our playground.

W is for Why not?       
Trying things beyond reason.

X is for context.           
Creating a relevant frame of reference.

Y is for vocabulary.       
To use a consistent tone of voice throughout.

Z is for size.
It matters.