Series of Scarfs

After having finished the design of the logo for the brand Louise de Gier founded, she asked me to design a series of scarfs for the brand too.

Her view of fashion appeared to me to be somewhat clichéd. F.e. animal prints, flowers, an icon – her mother this time – a logo and text. Despite my initial doubts, this soon served as a source of inspiration. Using only graphical tools, I examined her clichés either to undermine or reinforce them. The prints which I subsequently designed for the series were a cross-pollination of those clichés, employing archetypical elements of design, such as dots, lines and flat areas.

In this way the first scarf of the series literally became an accolade to Louise’s mother. A photo of her is depicted on the scarf but because of the huge raster image, the portrait is not visible when it is worn and the dots consequently form an abstract pattern. The image only becomes clearly discernible when the scarf is unfolded. In addition, the series does include an animal print, in this case a tropical fish as part of which the colours and shapes are presented as an abstract interplay of dots and colours. On the flower scarf the dotted pattern is transformed into a flower but reverts to dots as a diapositive. On the scarf featuring text the dots, screen-printed in gold, very subtly conceal the word, 'Love'.